Who and what is J&J?

J&J Photo is the artchild of Jane Pike and Jeff Turner, combining their respective backgrounds in graphic design and photography to create bold colour statements with places and objects. 

This creative couple are mostly known for their colourful makeovers of people and everyday objects.  Subjects are given eye-popping transformations, floating in a sea of intense colour.  Shadows and light are replaced with contrasting tones and reflective elements are given new depth.

In contrast to the hyper-colour of their signature pieces, they have started veering into both dark, mysterious art, with black scenes broken only by flashes of white or metallic, as well as naked, vintage feeling shots, where the subject comes to life with its own innate charm.

Jeff’s work has been featured in the Toronto Star, The Washington Post, on CBC, and on the cover of Maclean’s magazine. Jane has taught design and graphics internationally.

OK, now that the grownup stuff is out of the way:

We live in Hamilton and absolutely love it.  It's just enough city to satisfy our more hipsterish needs, but is surrounded by natural beauty.

We are a couple.  More than that, we're a family; a blended family. We can't remember exactly how many children we have, but it seems like a lot.

Jane is wayyyyy funnier than Jeff.

Jeff is wayyyyy more competitive than Jane.

Jeff makes dad jokes. A lot.  Like an obscene amount.

Jane ignores Jeff so much, he could probably move out and she wouldn't notice for a week or so.